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Beer and Food Pairings

We believe that beer can pair with food just as well, if not better than wine. Here are some tasting notes we’ve put together so you know which of our beers to have alongside your favourite dishes.

60 North


60 North’s light and delicate flavour means it pairs perfectly with fish and seafood, especially Shetland mussels, which are famous world-wide. It is also a great accompaniment to curries as it’s a maltier lager, rather than hop-filled which really balances out the spices in the curry without overpowering or fighting for recognition.

Skipper's Ticket Pale Ale





Skipper’s Ticket’s fruity and spicy notes go very well with traditional British dishes such as pies and roast dinners – adding an extra dimension to the salty, gravy tastes.





Whilst it is a perfect accompaniment to all the standard Stout pairings, like red meat or strong cheese, Tushkar’s restrained level of bitterness and chocolate and coffee notes compliment rich, chocolate desserts such as brownies or chocolate fudge cake. The slight sweetness also pairs well with fruits, especially darker fruits such as plums and raisins.


Lerwick IPA Bottle x 1 (white space)



Lerwick IPA’s sweet malty background flavours means it pairs very well with BBQ food such as crispy chicken wings and BBQ pulled pork. The carbonation cuts through the fats in these types of foods to give a sharper flavour to them. Its bitterness compliments spicy foods, curries being the obvious accompaniment, but the fruit flavours coming through from the hops mean it’s also a great enhancement to dishes containing fruit, such as Moroccan tagines.