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We’re delighted to announce that customers will now be able to buy our 60° North Shetland Lager and Skipper’s Ticket Pale Ale in Scottish Asda stores from 18th April. Our beers will be available alongside beers from Deeside, Eden Mill, Jaw Brew, Knops Beer Company, Loch Lomond Brewery, Stewart Brewing, West Beer and Wooha Brewing Company as part of an initiative by the Craft Beer Clan of Scotland and Asda. The Craft Beer Clan promotes the importance of craft beer to the Scottish economy both in Scotland, and worldwide. Asda recognised the popularity of craft beer and how important it is for supermarkets to keep up with these trends following from the huge success of things like the Aldi Beer Festivals.

At the brewery, we think it’s a great initiative to make high quality beers accessible to a large consumer group with the aim of spreading the joy of good beer as far as possible!

Photographer Ian Georgeson, 07921 567360 13 SCOTTISH BREWERIES CHEERS TO NEW ASDA LISTING  Craft beer trend continuous  * Contract value totals £850k between the 13 breweries   * Asda stores across Scotland will now stock over 75 Scottish beers, ales and ciders  * New supermarket relationship with Craft Beer Clan  The trend for craft beer continues, and no more so than in Scotland, with 100 plus breweries, it’s clear the demand for Scottish real ale and craft beer is still bubbling away. Particularly for the following 13 Scottish breweries who are all celebrating after securing new deals with Asda to stock a variety of beers in stores across Scotland, with a contract value of £850k between them.  With a total of 25 new lines launching on shelves from the 13 suppliers, Asda aims to lead the way in supporting the Scottish brewing industry as the demand for craft beer continues in Scotland.  The new deal means that Asda stores across Scotland will now stock over 75 Scottish beers, ales and ciders, as customers look for more premium drinking experiences from local brands.  As well as working with Isle of Arran, Isle of Skye, Loch Ness and Kelburn breweries, the supermarket has also built a relationship with Craft Beer Clan to recruit the additional nine craft beer lines from; Deeside Brewery, Eden Mill Brewery, Jaw Brewery, Knops Brewery, Lerwick Brewery, Stewart Brewing, Loch Lomond Brewing, Wooha Brewing and WEST Brewery.  Asda has worked closely with the Craft Beer Clan, utilising their expertise in the market and Scottish brewery contacts to secure a range of flavoursome unique beers that offer customers drink experiences with authenticity. The final selection of beers was also made to ensure a strong geographical spread from all regions across Scotland.    For the following seven breweries; Isle of Skye, Jaw Brewery, Knops Brewery, Lerwick Brewery, Stewart Brewing, Loch Lomond Brewing and Wooha Brewing, this will be their first major supermarket retail listing.     More than half of the 13 breweries are also run by or in partnership with a woman, supporting recent industry figures that the number of professional women brewers is on the rise in the UK and they are