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Name: Rhanna Turberville
What do you do at the brewery: Head Brewer
Favourite bit of working for Lerwick Brewery: I love the variation of working within a craft brewery, being part of a small team. Some days you might be fixing pumps, figuring out how to ship beer to far flung places or concocting new recipes, there is always something different happening at the brewery.
Favourite beer style: I prefer reds and darker beers. Caramel undertones or coffee and chocolate flavours paired well with nice flavoursome hops.
Hobbies: Films and reading, watching every episode of M*A*S*H repeatedly, tea drinking and if the weather is fine then I’ll be out on the motorbike.
Name – Jon Pulley
What do you do at the brewery? – Brewer (but do a little bit of almost everything else too)
Favourite thing about working at the brewery – Creating new beers and seeing them develop from an idea to a fully released product. And of course, Breakfast Rolls on Friday morning.
Favourite Beer Style – depends on my mood, but either an IPA or a good lager or Pilsner.
Hobbies – rugby, football, reading, drinking tea, rescuing stray puppies.


Name – Isla Mercer
What do you do at the brewery? – Commercial Development
Favourite thing about working at the brewery – The variety of the role and getting to work with one of my favourite things – beer!
Favourite Beer Style – I love Imperial stouts or big, hoppy IPAs.
Hobbies – Drinking, reading and writing about beer! I also love getting out and about exploring Scotland.